I want to build!

I want to build things.

Call a me digital tinkerer, a code monkey, or whatever you like. I love to build. Watching a product develop from start to finish drives my excitement for this industry.

Well, that and the industry's communal love of coffee.

I am looking to join a team that shares the same appreciation of the creative process as I do. One that tests, designs and builds exciting products around the challenges it's unique users and goals.

I am looking for a group of passionate people who create products from great ideas.

I have spent that last year and a half developing my practical knowledge of:

html, sass/css, javascript/jquery, php, mysql, ux, ui, information architecture and digital design.

I am looking to use this knowledge to join your team as a front-end developer creating engaging and easy to use products that will leave users with a lasting impression.

Let's work together.

- Airrick Dunfield